The I Lost My Job Diet

Someone – a friend – once told me that she would be as thin as me if she had as many problems as me.  I was driving at the time and hearing those way harsh words almost led to a car accident. That was the year I was on the I Am Getting A Divorce Diet.

Interestingly, those were brutal but true words.  Today I find myself on the I Lost My Job Diet.  I’ve apparently lost 20 lbs or half my body as another friend recently put it. Tell me what would we do without our female friends?

What’s notable is that I’ve done this with zero effort. Being the queen of effort, this represents a major departure from my typical M.O. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that in the space of 6 weeks I’ve accomplished what I tried to do for 30 years through healthy eating habits and maniacally following a gym regime with religious fervor.

A severe hamstring injury at the same time helped me be an over-achiever in a novel way.  Not being able to negotiate lower body exercises, I had to curb my type A personality in the gym and focus only on the upper body. Voila Michele Obama arms! Thanks to physical therapy I gradually refocused on lower body and find myself looking forward to wearing yoga shorts.

I am in the best shape of my lifetime due to misfortune. This makes me wonder about the choice of where we place our effort; the reliance on doing the rational when the irrational can be so miraculous.  I could have never imagined this turn of events – either the negative or the positive  – so maybe there is wisdom in going with the flow. Carpe diem or seize the opportunities that present themselves rather than choosing the long hard slog of making things happen according to our plan. This is the sweet spot of serendipity – clearly one of my favorite words if you are keeping track.

My eldest daughter invited me to Soul Cycle for Mother’s Day at which time she proceeded to call me out as only the young and beautiful can. “Maman, this is the heaviest I’ve ever seen you!” Not only was she right but it’s true that daughters see their future in their mothers.  She wants to see a positive reflection so I’ll be a champion and let her hear me roar that I feel great naked!

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One thought on “The I Lost My Job Diet

  1. The Cub says:

    As if Nancy wasn’t rocking the word “cougar” before, now she’s having to fend off men with a stick. Not really sure what’s going on in this Katy Perry video but I could easily see Nance playing a better Jane of the Jungle… upcoming parody video?

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