Betch Spotlight: Éva

I’ve mentioned that my friends color the pages of my life but some background is needed before integrating them into the musings of my life. So First let me introduce Éva. It’s fitting to start here because I am certain that she is one-of-a-kind.

Born in Asia, raised as a teenager in New York City, Éva attended the liberal arts college where I met her. Her native culture combined with a big city accent creates an undeniable unique persona.  She’s the tall Asian bombshell that simultaneously embodies a black girl attitude. She’s a staunch advocate of EDM and the swankiest NYC clubs where she greets the bouncer before jumping the line. But don’t be fooled, by day she works as a consultant; by no means does she lack ambition or brains.

I think a fitting adjective would be unbridled. Éva is passionate in every way of her life: Relationships, Hobbies, Working out. Her angry “death face” most likely makes children quiver, and I would not want to be on the end of one of her rampages when an NYC man projects douchebaggery her way. She’s fearless. She has traveled across the world by herself, staying in hostels and making friends off the cuff from Argentina to Laos. I’ve always been slightly in awe of her ability to march to beat of her own drum and own who she is so effortlessly.

Fiercely independent, she is still on the hunt for a man. She’s over American men and is currently checking off countries in Europe.  To be frank, Éva loves sex. Dressed in an oversized men’s sweater, she once met me for coffee after having sex for 7 straight hours; stopping only to make her man eggs to refuel his tank in order to continue the dirty. And you thought you had stamina? Kinky is not too bold. Aggressive is fitting. Though like me, at her core she is a monogamist. Alas fall’s on its way and clubbing will soon lose its allure. Men, stand in line, Éva’s looking for a winter romance.

I love Éva because of what she adds to my life. I’ve mentioned before that I am a perpetual rationalist. However, sometimes this rationalist needs an occasional reality check. Her advice is biting, hard-hitting, and not for the faint-of-heart. But her advice is just what I need sometimes to set me straight. In a dramatic year, she’s the one who’s most forcibly said, “You’re being a stupid betch, get it together”. I guess every sassy gay needs a source of sassy advice too.

In short, Éva is a torrent, a maverick, and the craziest betch you’ll probably ever meet. All I have to say is betch on. You entertain, help bring me back to my resting zen state, and once-in-a-while cause me to sit dumbfounded at the sheer WTF-factor of your life stories. Stay tuned, I can assure you that Éva anecdotes don’t disappoint.


One thought on “Betch Spotlight: Éva

  1. The Cougar says:

    In alignment with my theme this week, Eva – hear her roar!

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