Hitting the Sweet Spot

How often would you say that you think about finding the sweet spot?  If you are a guy reading this, the ladies hope you are thinking about it a lot. I’ve been thinking about it more intensely since Flo Rida decided to sing about it which would be more of less since early 2013.  Being a big fan of Flo Rida, I am also delighted that he has expanded into the Latin market by featuring Jennifer Lopez vocals.  The lyrics are commonly described as saccharin (I want candy tonight – be the candy girl in my shop) and seductive (run a love game) which is in alignment with my current fixation with la seduction a la francaise.

Since there is only a small portion us who will be “making tonight first class with no stops”, let’s expand on the idea of finding the Big O moment in our daily lives. I hope that you agree that it’s not a waste of time to find ways to get hooked on finding the sweet spot just about anywhere in life. If you need more convincing, science reports that having the key to a longer life is more orgasms. Since most things that are good for us are unpleasant (think – less food, less booze), it could be pleasant to find novel ways, euphemistically speaking, to feel the earth move.

I am happy to report to those who care that I hit the sweet spot recently with renegade rows.  Since I’ve got a thing for exercise, this should surprise no one.  I think this makes perfect sense since exercise involves the body and the mind which are incidentally necessary for great sex.

I suspect that what makes the O moment special is the sense of exhilaration that things are in sync.  I find this sense of exhilaration when I exercise, feeling strong when I manage to use my body in a coordinated manner.  During exercise I put a lot of effort into my form because the net result is a powerful feeling of alignment. Perhaps feeling our own body in alignment is in anticipation of two bodies aligning.

Being present and open to receiving in the yogic sense of the word is critical to finding the sweet spot anywhere anytime.  Omar can be a porcupine but at times he is a prince and in this class he magnanimously decided to correct the form of our renegade rows. I felt a rush of exhilaration as my brain registered the correction and connected it to my body. Like nailing the move to kick dust at your opponent in a circle battle, something indescribable came together perfectly and the earth moved.  It is said that God is in the details so finding this one moment of perfection contents me while I’m waiting, of course, for some candy tonight.

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One thought on “Hitting the Sweet Spot

  1. The Cub says:

    Oh la la. Nance is showing me up on the steamy nature of her posts… I need to step up my game.

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