Introducing C&C Dinner Party Series: Summer Soirée

To add to our bougie laundry list of things that we have in common, Nance and I are both masters in the art of throwing dinner parties. And it is an art. Make the often elaborate menu, time when each course will be ready, orchestrate what guests are bringing, ensure your invited guests mesh to create fluid conversation chemistry, etc. It must be from the years of helping my mother throw dinner parties for family friends, but regardless, I for one enjoy entertaining the people I love and treating them to fancy fare. You’ll find that even though I’m in my 20s, I have taste that surpasses my age… and salary.

Recently to kick-off the start of the blog, celebrate friendship, and toast to a few other momentous life-happenings, Nance and I hosted a Summer Soirée. The food served was decadent yet lite, the company arrived well-dressed, and wine, champagne, and hard liquor flowed freely into Nancy’s Reidel glasses as we discussed life.

Don’t think that we cater. Both of us could easily add chef de cuisine to our resumés.  While Nancy’s braised Veal Osso Bucco still makes my mouth water, I’d like to think my Nutella Banana Brioche Bread Pudding can change your life. Just to give you a tease: we started the evening with beet pesto served on parmesan crisps, followed by a caramelized garlic-goat cheese tart, finished with a plum and ginger cobbler to keep it summery and fresh… Yes, we’re both single.

As the wine and champagne bottles popped and kept popping, the idea of a game of never have I ever came up. No kings, circa college, just a standard, fingers up, let’s get to know our friends a little better game. After giving Nance a DL as she had never played before, as per always, the game turned sexual almost immediately. Ironically I was the first to get out, less indicative of my sexual prowess and more so of being an easy target. Of course Nance did not fail to upstage my friends… I’ve mentioned she’s a legend and for now I’ll leave it at that. Let’s just say that there a few things that I still need to learn from this cougar.

Nance-Brian dinner parties have been established as re-occurring, wonderfully-bougie events. Who’s up for being on the next guest-list?

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One thought on “Introducing C&C Dinner Party Series: Summer Soirée

  1. The Cougar says:

    Brian – I love it that both you and I are 40 years old in our heads.

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