What’s your Crack?

Lately I’ve been thinking about pro-actively spending my time on the right things in my life so that I don’t create the wrong things in my life.  Brandi, from Bed Sty and my go to person for all things hip hop, once had some inspirational words. Although two bitches with swag, we don’t share a love of exercise.  While I’m getting up for TM class on Saturday morning, she is hitting the snooze button.  My dedication to the gym once so exasperated her that she exclaimed, “Girl – exercise is your crack”!

This random comment stuck in my head and I find myself creating lists of what is and is not “my crack”.  Here is my definition of crack:

  1. What we can’t imagine life without.
  2. What enriches us so greatly that, if lost, we would go into withdrawal
  3. What defines who we are
  4. What makes us smile

My Crack:

  1. Exercise & dance (live strong)
  2. Music (it’s a party in my head)
  3. Certain people (you know who you are!)
  4. Language (music for my soul)
  5. Laughter (lighten your load)
  6. Style (point me towards Bergdorf’s)

Not My Crack:

  1. Kitsch
  2. Maintenance sex
  3. Those lacking a moral compass
  4. Couch potatoes
  5. Theme parks
  6. Money

My ex would be making a strangled chortle to read that I don’t crave money.  What he never understood was, despite having a great appreciation for all things of beauty (irrespective of the $$ value), I am not motivated by the acquisition of money as an end unto itself.  The ex is now smiling at my present dilemma – how to manage with less money to get my crack!

As it is both instructive and amusing, I challenge you to start thinking seriously about what is your crack, what do you crave, give top priority, really want urgently, can’t imagine life without.  By doing this mental exercise, we force ourselves to prioritize our life.  It’s not a simple task to limit our choices to what is essential to our happiness.  By prioritizing what is most meaningful to us, when the inevitable losing of life occurs, it assuages our minor losses better with the reminder of just what is vital.  In sum, our crack list represents who we truly are.

Let your life depend on your active choices, i.e. your crack, and notice the direction it takes towards fulfillment.  So be ruthlessly honest about just what you can’t live without and make sure that you don’t! By ordering our lives in a pro-active fashion we can minimize our potential problems and rather, watch our happiness grow.  Find your crack and get wasted on it – on life, on everything that’s right for you.


One thought on “What’s your Crack?

  1. The Cub says:

    I like that “man” is not counted as a point of consideration on either of “crack” list. Stay posted maybe I’ll do my own list and we can compare notes.

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