Tonight I’m Lovin’ You


I have been having a love affair with the French language since I’ve been 17 years old.  In a version of my future, I’ll be living in France or Italy spending my time being seductive as my main occupation.  My idea of bliss could also be defined as having the opportunity to learn a new word every day, something I now make possible with the urban dictionary.  Example:  big up = an expression of support or encouragement. “I want to big up Brian on those delicious macarons he baked.”

Today’s word is “attentionnée”. Ladies, this has the potential to be game changing information as every woman – whether they’ve thought about it or not – wants a husband or better yet, a lover, who is “attentionné”.  Finding this kind of guy is kind of like porn – you will know it when you see it. In short this word means to be attentive. Of course the French give a more nuanced expression to it.  It can more elaborately evoke the idea of a man who knows, understands, anticipates and willingly meets his woman’s needs. I love this word for the promise it holds that guys like this actually exist.

Actually his name is Riccardo. It’s not necessary to describe him beyond his shirt was open to his navel.  We also know from an earlier post that dancers hold great promise.  In accordance with my yen for mystery and discretion, I’ll leave the details of our meeting to your imagination.

Most of my girlfriends take exception when men grab their ass but I hear “please excuse me I don’t mean to be rude.”  I am more of a “put it on me. Let’s remove the space between you and me” kind of girl. The Spanish translation in a Latin club is a guy who puts his hands on my hips to guide me into perfect bachata steps. So attentionné!

Sometimes you don’t need much time with a guy to learn a lot about him – like how he says good morning. Other times you need 30 years to really see each other.  Being more accustomed to a companion who was emotionally detached, it comes as a surprise to stumble across a guy who has no trouble saying “tell me that you want me” and who, while walking down Broadway, takes ownership of us as a couple in that moment.  Hand in hand, arm pulling me closer, the passionate goodbye kiss; it’s all so unfamiliar PDA.  The secrets from that night will stay in the vault but I do recommend giving your attention to someone French or Latin tonight.


3 thoughts on “Tonight I’m Lovin’ You

  1. The Cub says:

    Oh but what secrets they are 😉

  2. NV says:

    I need to tell you about my French lover Nancee

  3. The Cougar says:

    Keep us posted on the Frenchman, please…

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