Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?


I’d like to perfect the ability in my life to find fun in all circumstances especially the ones we are conflicted about such as dating, exercise and job interviews. Thanks universe for accommodating this desire with my job loss.

Since I like giving a pop quiz challenge to a random guy at a bar, I relish the strange and unexpected question such as “What do you consider to be your theme song ”  during a recent phone interview. The brain goes directly to the song we’ve been listening to most recently so beware of replying “Fuckin’ Problems” by A$AP Rocky or “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities.  It is way too difficult to explain the phenomenon of comparing big strong guys to species of trees as your security blanket. My choice was to keep it simple with classic rock but with a mash up twist.

Answer:  the Hip Hop tribute to Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”. (Available on ITunes)

If you find yourself being judgmental, what would your theme song be if you had 15 seconds to pull something out of your rear?

The next question allowed me to use scaffolding techniques (as they say in education circles) or building from one point to the next.  “Name three people you would choose as dinner companions.”

Dinner Companion #1:  Well-known historical woman who was considered both a lady and a rebel (like me, classy but sassy). She suffered psychological disappointment early in life from the lack of her mother’s love and validation and later, her husband’s infidelity. Despite these early disappointments she chose to turn her mental and physical energy to making a positive impact on the lives of people who were struggling. Rather than put the focus on what she was getting from life, she gave of herself to others.

Answer:  Eleanor Roosevelt

Dinner Companion #2:  Revered historical male considered the quintessential self-made man who raised himself up by the bootstraps of his ingenuity. He acquired knowledge through sheer force of will and had the firm strength of his convictions.  He was consistently under-estimated yet consistently out-performed (like me, the slow learner/late bloomer).  His remarkably ordinary origins provided the foundation for his extraordinary contribution to our country.

Answer:  Abe Lincoln

Dinner Companion #3: People from our ordinary life can inspire us too. He is considered by his fitness followers to possess the “It” factor and could be described, if so desired, as a Redwood tree. His body gets your instant attention and it is no big surprise that everyone in class has a crush of sorts on him. I’ll break it down for you – the men want to be him, the women want to sleep with him and I want to have dinner with him.  I want to be the female version of him with his outer &  inner strength and why not learn over dinner how an Ecuadorean can be so tall?

Answer:  “The Porcupine”

I would choose to spend time with these three dinner companions because  I am keenly interested in the life of the mind. Contact with certain people has the capacity to make us grow because they inspire us to think outside the box,  such as finding fun in negative circumstances. My September horoscope advises me to make a list of the attributes for my perfect partner and read this list everyday so that he will manifest within six months. Doubting the efficacy of this process, I’d rather be like Hansel & Gretel and leave clues for “The One” to find me in case he is reading this blog.

“The One” List:

1. We could have fun together in a rainstorm.


One thought on “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

  1. The Cub says:

    That picture couldn’t be anymore perfect. I would have miserably failed that interview btw.

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