Betch Spotlight: Cameron

Next up to bat: Cameron.

Born and bred in this shimmering city, Cameron is an established uptown girl. An effortless conversationalist, Cameron is the epitome of well-connected. Teen vogue model in a past life, daughter of actors, Cam lives one of those somewhat mythical NYC upbringings.

Cam has always been to me that natural, American beauty. Despite being a child in this extravagant city, she always impressed me by her unaffected style, preferring Frye boots to stilettos any day of the week. She’d rather travel than buy a bag at B.G. and her down-to-earth nature and established M.O. continues to set her apart working in the fashion industry.

Being witty is a life mandate for Cam. She has mastered the art of the witty, seductive text message response. Keeping men on their toes, her words are always on point. She never has any mal-intent, her exs were narcissistic and exhausting, and she’s an advocate of consummating the friendship.

Of all my betches, Cam loves love the most. She is boy-crazy. It’s not that she needs a man, in fact, even when dating someone she is NOT the girl to get so absorbed in her man where she loses all time for her friends. Quite the opposite actually.  But one of her goals is to find a guy worth her time. Come on men, really, what is there not to love?

We really are similar in certain ways. We are the connectors among our friends; The two that make the plans and often have our weekends booked weeks in advance just to ensure that we capitalize on our time off. I mean I am surely the opposite of “loving love” but  maybe she rubs off on my ice queen heart. The verdict is still out.

If there was one person who would share my life as a sitcom it would be Cameron. She’s introduced me to some of my best friends, lived alongside me in Paris, and without her I never would have met Nance or be writing this homage.  Living down the hall from us, sometimes it feels like a nouveau version of Will&Grace – coming over on a Sunday night sharing stories of the weekend, hashing out life plans, planning our next international vacation together, getting tag-team life advice from Nance and I. She may be a silly betch, but I can’t imagine going it without her.

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One thought on “Betch Spotlight: Cameron

  1. The Cougar says:

    I love her too and it’s not just because she thinks I’m better than Madonna.

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