You’re So Beautiful

Since I spend a lot of time in exercise classes, I over hear a lot of conversations that concern body image – how adorable the instructor is, male or female – or comparing the perfect bodies of the Titan Method followers who devote themselves to 12-15 classes per week. Not feeling competitive with other women, I’d rather just appreciate another person’s body and take the comparison with mine out of the equation as oh so un-necessary.

However, in true womanly fashion, let me use my prerogative to contradict myself.  Of course, I also want to be a head-turner.  Every guy wants to have on his arm the woman who turns heads when they walk into the room. (BTW – Brian is a head-turner when he walks into the room).  Paul McCartney is reported to have said that he saw Linda across the room and fancied her madly. We all know that ended up a love story. Since Paul was my favorite Beatle, I will forever love that phrase and have adopted a crazy expectation that someday I will walk into a room, why not exercise class, and someone will fancy me madly.  It’ll be something about what I’m wearing, or how I smile or the perfect way I do a renegade row. Actually you know that it has less to do with my booty than with my swag.  If not, please immediately seek out a fashion magazine with an article about confidence being sexy to both men & women.

I just love it when a random conversation confirms my opinion about what turns heads.  In an elevator, I overhead a couple discussing an acquaintance who they agreed was simply beautiful because she didn’t act like she was beautiful.   She was probably dancing like no one was watching, un-self-conscious in her body, letting the naturalness of her beauty get their attention.  The gurrl simply owned it, giving a Brian hairflip to anyone who didn’t notice.

If you are like me, you have fantasies.  Permit me to share? I am living in Italy when I’m older where the men are generous with a “ciao bella” to the young and old alike. They know that each age of a woman offers something special to appreciate.  Someone will notice me across the piazza, at the enotecca or taking a caffe al banco.  It will happen naturally that our heads will turn  – subtle, private and for our eyes only. With instant recognition and without understanding why, I will just “look good” to you and vice versa.   In the end we only need to turn one person’s head. I’ll leave the rest of the guys for my girlfriends so they will learn that they too are oh so beautiful.

“The One” List cont’d:

  1. We could have fun together in a rainstorm.
  2. You “look good” to me.

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One thought on “You’re So Beautiful

  1. The Cub says:

    “In the end we only need to turn one person’s head.” So wise. Even if it is followed by One Direction.

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