What’s In a Name?

I find it a totally acceptable use of my time to make lists – especially Top Ten Lists.  I like the challenge of ordering my thoughts. So in no particular order here is:


  1. Fancy Pants
  2. Alice
  3. Maman (Mamilou)
  4. Doll (Doll Face, Baby Doll)
  5. (Hey) Baby girl
  6. (Ciao) Bella
  7. Mi amor
  8. Luv
  9. Lady
  10. Sexy Bitch

“Hola baby girl” has eluded me and would be interestingly cross-cultural.

Since we are speaking of names and for the purposes of this blog, those featured have the option of being identified with an alias (another name for oneself) as an alter ego (second self, alternate personality) or stage name.  Like celebrities who are imbued with so much fabulousness, why not take a break from yourselves and become another person?

That said I needed to talk to “The Porcupine” (as in approach at your own risk) to ask him to approve his alias. He was in a good mood after vacay so I knew what I had to go in. My other suggestions for his consideration included:

  • Mr. Worldwide
  • Magnum F.I. (Fitness Instructor)
  • Rude Boy
  • Superman
  • Bear

Brian later told me that bear means: hairy older gay guy. Thankfully The Porcupine decided to keep his prickly I dare you to come a little closer alias.

Let’s close with a tip to the ladies . Why not give a pop quiz to a cute guy at a bar so that he can show off his brilliance in pop culture.  Offer the incentive that if he gets 5 out 8 correct the next round’s on you.

  • Beyonce’s alter ego:
  • Dwayne Carter’s stage name:
  • Marshall Mather’s alter ego:
  • Stefani Germanotta’s alter ego:
  • Terry Bollea’s alter Ego:
  • Ali G’s formal name:
  • Onika Maraj’s stage name:
  • Paul Reuben’s stage name:

Answer Key:

  • Beyonce’s alter ego: Sasha Fierce
  • Dwayne Carter’s stage name: Lil Wayne
  • Marshall Mather’s alter ego: Slim Shady
  • Stefani Germanotta’s alter ego: Jo Calderone
  • Terry Bollea’s alter ego:  Hulk Hogan
  • Ali G’s formal name: Sasha Baron Cohen
  • Onika Maraj’s stage name:  Nicki Minaj
  • Paul Reuben’s stage name:  Pee Wee Herman

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