Manhattan vs BK

I admit it, I’m a Manhattanite elitist.

Last weekend I spent my Saturday night in Williamsburg with my friend Gigi. I always joke that when I go to BK, I’m about re-live some form of a GIRLS episode. Mind you, a prior visit to a Bushwick warehouse for a blacklight paint party was pretty reminiscent of GIRLS season 1. (Alas I digress. 😉 ) For the record I’d like to say I love Brooklyn and its proximity to Manhattan makes a short underwater subway ride feel like a trip to a new city. The view is beautiful, the food is high quality but laid back, and statement pieces abound in BK boutiques. Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Park Slope are trop charmant.

But I’d like to focus on Williamsburg. It’s the new hotspot. Hipster central. Some areas are more expensive than the EV and LES. Mind you I love Bedford Ave and Smorgasbord  on a Saturday is the cutest. I feel like people are slightly warmer in the burg. The vibe is grittier but more real.

But there’s something about Williamsburg that escapes me and makes me slightly unsettled. I find it hard to describe but I feel like I’m perpetually out of place. I do love the edginess but maybe I feel somewhat uncomfortable because I’m just too mainstream. LES edgy is enough for me. Don’t judge me Williamsburg. I like getting my GQ catalog and shopping at my favorite stores in Soho for NEW clothes. Am I just a prissy betch or does anyone else share this view?

Williamsburg at night just exudes a grungy, somewhat melancholic aura.  We were at Glasslands last Saturday and I literally had an out of body moment and thought to myself where am I? We were all just watching a DJ perform, no one was really dancing, and I was living in the epitome of a sausage fest. Not to mention BK just has more trolls. Oops, real talk.

Maybe I’m also slightly self-conscious because of the hipster factor. Although I’m far from being a counterculture hipster, I always tell my friends that I’d love to date a hipster. He should have a few artsy tattoos, could play in a band and serenade me better than Dan Smith, and could even have a beard. I don’t think it would work out long-term but maybe a year-long tryst would be ideal. Maybe I react to the fact that I don’t think a hipster would ever go for me since I’m just a different breed of gay. Damn you Williamsburg hipsters, just love me!

Feel free to dispute my POV, I am a hopeless narcissist after all, but I’m a firmly established Manhattan boy. Whenever I frolic over across the East River I always enjoy returning home (even if the L at night makes me die inside).  It’s true. Manhattan can be bitchy, lavish, and pretentious… oh wait we’re not describing me are we?

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2 thoughts on “Manhattan>BK

  1. Gigi says:

    Here’s my dispute on Williamsburg – I love it but hate it at the same time. I’m not a New Yorker but truthfully feel it deep in my soul that I’m forever going to be a Manhattanite before Brooklynite. Why? Well I totally feel self conscious around hipsters – they have such a jaded outlook on life “why must you hate mainstream!” Mainstream = good and I love anything that’s good 😉 Can’t handle the irony that keeps popping up over and over…but who cant resist sautéed Peruvian purple potatoe salad, breakfast taco made with organic ingredients from Mexico or fresh locally produced juice? Wait 1 more… Cheesy green pepper arepa YUM!

    My take – “the sub-culture within a counter culture, which of course doesn’t make sense” plus … And they all look alike men and girls alike haha

  2. The Cougar says:

    Thank you Brian for this post on BK because my ex lives in Williamsburg in some swanky condo and this post just made me laugh way too much! Apparently he is a “broken hipster”…. as in aging hipster. Let’s all laugh together. Seriously, my daughter lives there too so I can’t be too harsh. BTW, I see that my French is rubbing off on you. We just are too good for each other!

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