Like a Virgin


Although Madonna (alias Madge) is less relevant than she used to be, I’d like to personally thank her for giving me so many quotable song lyrics. She is still dancing full out in the center of the room and owing it – a true role model for women of a certain age.

In English, women of a certain age is such a sad phrase implying stolid maturity; in French (une femme d’un certain age) evokes a woman who has passed middle age with flair. Do you wonder why I pretend to be French? You find a lot of these women of a certain age in divorce support groups. Some of these women want to be in a relationship again and some don’t.  Some still want sex and some are “done with that!” Let me say straight up that I am not sitting in judgment of anyone’s decision.  As for me, I am positive that the best romantic relationship of my life lies ahead of me. I have good karma coming to me as my attorney surnamed Valentine called me on Valentine’s Day to tell me that my divorce was final.  Some people thought this was oh so sad but I saw it as opening the new chapter on the day of love.

Which brings me logically to the question of sex at a certain age. Since women of all ages become complexed about their nakedness, women of a certain age are often complexed at the mere thought of it.  I knew a woman who had to power clean her apartment to cleanse her environment to perfection both before and after the whiff of having sex.  So sterile, so antiseptic, so American; sorry but it sounds like avoidance tactic to me. So not sexy.

Me, I like the first time.  I embrace feeling like a virgin touched for the very first time by you.  Think of how special is the first time you see the nakedness of another person. The vulnerablilities that are shared in that moment will never come again. Like Mastercard says, “It’s priceless”.  For me, sex doesn’t need to be perfect.  In fact, it’s better if it isn’t perfect so that we can practice.  Imperfection is what interests me. So be forewarned that I’m likely to fall in love with you because of your imperfections.

Our first time will never come again  – so let’s enjoy it.

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