Betch Spotlight: Naisha

I’ve always seen Naisha as a modern power betch in the making. Fiercely independent, she firmly has her eye on the prize of what she wants out of her career and life.  Working as woman in finance, I can clearly envision her as a rogue betch at 30 upstaging all of the A-hole, frat boy financiers. As one of my most intelligent friends, she has aspirations to have a private jet by 40. Lofty ambitions yes, but I wouldn’t count this betch out.

NaishaBorn abroad in Mumbai, her exotic looks and long legs have made her and Éva a power couple on meatpacking nights out on the town (That actually is her modeling to the right). She’s not a man-eater but she likes to play hard-ball with man conquests. Not all of them can keep up, but she’s not looking for love so she takes risks and worst case scenario? She hairflips and moves on.

In the night she can transform. Naisha can drink you under the table albeit she may not be the most graceful by 4 AM. There have been too many WTF moments with Naisha to recount but she’s continued to add some of the most vibrant hues to my already colorful life.

An example? While celebrating my birthday month, we decided to frequent Beauty & Essex.  We traversed the crowded venue, went up the marble staircase to get a drink upstairs. After some stupid betch knocked my $17 drink out of my hand, I decided I was over B&E and we decided to move on for the night. On our descent to leave, Naisha slipped, her stillettos flew into the air and she rolled down the marble staircase in quite a dramatic and seemingly painful fashion. While everyone on the staircase froze in shock, Naisha picked herself up without even a cry of pain and urged us to go on to the next bar. Apparently a lot of legends fill the pages of my life, no?

But with drunken stories aside, she is a trusted confidante and an assuredly life-long friend. She lives her life with no regrets, and her calm demeanor can always sift pass what I’m saying and to uncover what I’m actually thinking. Her college boyfriend ended in a long, drawn-out break-up and now she lives self-sufficiently, devoted to advancing her career, knowing full-well that she will find a man, on her terms, when she is looking for love. Naisha and I share this view on life to the T. She just seems to live it with fewer hiccups than me. Betch on, ya crazy betch.

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2 thoughts on “Betch Spotlight: Naisha

  1. The Cougar says:

    Naisha will soon appear in my Bachata Diaries.

  2. […] my first brunch back in NYC brought me to newly-opened Claudette with Naisha. Although I had anticipated mainly French fare, ironically we found Moroccan-inspired dishes on the […]

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