Will you be my Sugar Daddy?

Top passing thought of many young professionals: Wouldn’t it be nice to find a sugar daddy.

One of my friends' recent B-DAY presents

One of my friends’ recent B-DAY presents

Transitioning to a life comprising of long hours, working for the weekend and being exhausted on weekday nights is clearly jarring. Why wouldn’t you want a guy to whisk you away from the monotony of working life? A sugar daddy could make it all easier. Essentially I could be a NYC socialite 24/7 rather than just being one in my spare time. I always talk to my sister about running away from work so we can open a restaurant/café together. Mind you she’s a lawyer and she married a lawyer… so basically she already has a sugar daddy when she wants to stop doing the whole professional thing. Betch.

It’s weird but in the gay community sugar daddies (and sugar babies?) are the new fad. Both camps seem to be on the hunt for each other.  Clearly sugar babies want it easy but I see it as a 2-way street. For sugar daddies, a younger guy represents a chance to experience youth again with someone who is more willing to try new things; inhibited less so from the scars that amass as life beats on. These relationships should not be seen as midlife crises, but as outlets for a young soul who views youthful vibrancy as an attractive asset in a partner.

Though in actuality, I’ve always told myself that I don’t want to find a sugar daddy but rather one day I will be a sugar daddy. Even though I’m in a state of constant frolicking in NYC for the moment, I’m perpetually ambitious. I could NOT be the dad at home with the kids. Nor could I be the one to be solely dependent on another guy. Rather I envision a future with a man where we’re equally successful, driving each other to get the most out of life on separate, yet connected paths.

Here’s my reason for why I do place some stock in the idea. An older man has his shit together. Let’s be real, gay guys my age do not. I’m an exception, duh, but I’m an advocate of an older guy. They’re more self-assured after having lived life, learning from the inevitable mistakes. They’re less about the games and also escaped a socialization process dictated by social media. As I am a bougie betch for my age, an older man can share my interests and also appreciates the finer things in life such as food, culture, and travel. Can you tell I’m not speaking purely out of speculation, but rather from experience?

I mean don’t strive to be a lapdog (maybe a slightly too real metaphor), in a strange relationship where you’re dating a Heffner-esque gay guy.  But hey, the idea of having the capital to do whatever I want with my career is hard to write off completely. For now my personal (trade-off) stance is this: Date older men betches. We’re young and our youth is an asset, why not be with someone who appreciates our wide-eyed exuberance. There’s so much older men can teach us, about so much, and I for one love learning all that they have to offer.

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One thought on “Will you be my Sugar Daddy?

  1. The Cougar says:

    As for me, I need a guy who can run up and down subway stairs not just order a limo. Thoughts for the cougar?

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