Be a knock out

Hanging Boxing Gloves

Exercise, being my crack, plays a formative role in my life both mentally and physically. Recently a yogi asked us to think about this fall season as a welcome time of transitions.  These words spoke to me as presently my life feels like one endless transition.  Pretending to be French as I do, I often feel like I am “entre deux chaises”.  Being between two chairs cannot be comfortable as it’s not stable.  But what if life is not meant to always be comfortable?  Could it be good to feel off balance instead of preferring the safe routine of “metro, boulot, dodo”?

Watching Powerstrike (another Omar inspired butt kicking fitness class) from the sidelines the other day, I noticed how using balance was an integral part of the technique. Powerstrike is based on boxing which uses the shifting of weight to entice an opponent into a vulnerable position creating an advantage.  A win results from combining mental strategy and physical strength. Balance is used in parallel skiing as weight shifts from one ski to the other to traverse the hill.  Moreover, a major principle of yoga is to find the ying/yang or balance in life through physical movement. The concept of balance is hiding in plain sight in our daily lives.

I like it when exercise challenges my pre-conceived notions. I realized that I didn’t want to be afraid of being off balance.  It gives me the chance to test my ability to regain my equilibrium and outsmart the opponent in my head.  This post is written with tough love for a dear friend who needs to learn how to navigate uncertainty or how we feel when we are off balance.  Blondie always wants to know where she stands with a guy and yearns to be in the stable routine of a relationship.  Although I want you to have your boyfriend wish come true, beware that it is precisely the routine of a relationship that kills it.   You have the choice to look at the uncertainty inherent in love as a blessing. Try as an experiment to love living in the gray zone.  You might find it exciting to not know what’s going to happen, to free yourself from the work of planning it out in your head.  Life might surprise you by making it better than what you can imagine.

Being off balance is precisely the quality I want in a romantic relationship because it implies that we continue to be actively engaged with each other, not taking each other for granted.  Like a tornado meeting a volcano (thanks Eminem…), we will continue to stir each other up forever.  What I like a lot about the Porcupine is his push back as it’s rare for me to find someone who throws the ball back at me.  Keeping me on my toes and by forcing me to anticipate the next move is an absolute requirement for romantic bliss.  Having been unhappily married has taught me that this is what keeps a relationship dynamic.  Why not make relationships less work and more fun by applying a forward moving motion to them?  Blondie, as you know all too well, guys don’t want to be bored — so keep them off balance and keep them happy.

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