Dinner at The Marrow

I don’t usually rave about restaurants as it takes a lot for me to say that I had an impeccable meal. So take note. Since moving here, dinner at the Marrow was easily one of the best dining experiences that I’ve had in NYC.

I visited this West Village gem with my sister, an equally-discriminating, fellow foodie, when she visited me in the Spring. Opened earlier this year, I found out about Harold Dieterle’s new restaurant while skimming the pages of TimeOut NYC.  My interested peaked due to its out-of-the-box desserts but I was also drawn to the restaurant’s Italian-German fusion POV. An unlikely pairing, but I’ll tell you the two work together quite harmoniously.

The ambiance was simple yet chic and the wait staff was on point the night we dined there. Nestled in one of my favorite parts of the West Village, large ceiling-to-floor windows perfectly frame the restaurant at the corner of Greenwich and Bank streets. To add to its accolades, the menu is not excessively exorbitant making it a great place to bring a date or catch up with friends.  Also, the menu is seasonal and I would say the ambiance channels “farm-to-table” in certain aspects. The fresh combination of Italian-German cooking plays center stage as German trademarks such as Duck Schnitzel and Spaetzle blend fittingly alongside Burratta, Ricotta Cavatelli, and Risotto.

The Rundown:

We had no choice but to start with the restaurant’s namesake: the Bone Marrow. Not only was the presentation impressive, but to add to the decadent bone marrow, Uni (sea urchin) is served on top for a unique, flavor overload. Served with crostini, I must say the first course did not disappoint.

Next up were our main courses; both seasonal dishes in the spring. I had the Black Fish which was perfectly cooked alongside root vegetables. As an aside: although I hail somewhat from the school of thought that fish is fish, I’m currently on a quest to try all the types of fish so I can decide which is my favorite. That and I also perpetually watch my waistline. In any event, my sister had the Braised Lamb Neck. Any time you mention braised anything, you know that it’s going to be good. And it was excellent.

Last up: Dessert. I came to the Marrow to try the heralded Ginger Stout Cake served with Cider Roasted Apples and Honey Ice Cream. Now let me tell you that I am quite the baking connoisseur and about 90% of the time I am not impressed with dessert at top restaurants. BUT this cake was hands down the best dessert I’ve tried at a top NYC restaurant. Warm, not overly-decadent, paired perfectly with an ice-cream with a spot-on flavor profile. I will go back just to have that dessert again.

So if you’re not already salivating, look up the menu, and make your reservation at The Marrow. Without breaking the bank, dinner felt special and unique, as any really great meal should, no?

Photos courtesy of themarrownyc.com

The Marrow – 99 Bank Street – 212 428 6000

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One thought on “Dinner at The Marrow

  1. Naisha says:

    And for any special events you can also reserve the lovely private dining room in the basement with one giant rectangular table that seats 12-16 people .. A lovely space for a beautiful private event….

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