Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.” —  Mark Twain

So you thought you knew everything there was to know about me?  Not!  My over-sharing includes divulging my fondness for collecting quotes. Since you should also know that I love a pop quiz, there’s a prize (revealed at the end of this post) for the person who recognizes where they’ve seen one of my favorites which is “Things done are won; joy’s soul lies in the doing.”

Please see above for the quote which inspired today’s post which is attributed to Mark Twain, one of my favorite authors and humorists.  Incidentally I’m going to talk about age which definitely requires a sense of humor. During my recent between jobs period, when I felt certain that I’d never be employed again, all I noticed were young people in jobs everywhere.  I guess all the retirees are working as greeters at Walmart in outer boroughs because they are no big box stores in Manhattan. Indeed, in Manhattan, hitting your mid 30s is half way to ancient. A forever 39 friend must go to restaurants with wait service and the comfort ratio of the bar stools is analyzed before she commits to Happy Hour.  Getting older appears to kill spontaneity. This is why even when I’m dog tired on a Friday night I find myself saying yes to going to Bell House in Brooklyn in a Flashdance costume with Brian’s betch Naisha.

Because I’m always swimming in the other direction, I decided that I would reverse age like Halle Berry. Brian and his posse seem to agree that I’ve settled in at around age 40.  I know – it’s hard to tell because I often act like I’m in my 20s.  This doesn’t mean that I have unrealistic expectations about job or dating prospects. I know my age even if you don’t. I don’t try to compete with young beautiful women because I see my beloved daughters in each of them.  My lover for life will likely remain in my imagination which is too bad for him.  Somehow this does not depress me.  There is nothing that is capable of annoying, embarrassing (men sense the possibilities in this) or depressing me in my life now. Yes, I might be momentarily overwhelmed and seek out a Redwood tree. But after crying and crying me a river, I’ve arrived at some magical place where I am happy to be me. Being freed from the torment of expectations, I just have fun and if you notice, I rarely miss an occasion to do so.  I don’t have to find the father for my children nor feel competitive with my sistas. Perhaps I enjoy the freedom to do as I please because I’m not trying so hard to please someone else. Later I’ll be sure to please you.

It’s the mystery of my life how I went from having no fun at all to having all the fun, if only in my head.  One day at the end of my divorce, as I exited the subway near the Hot & Crusty on Broadway & 94th, I caught the eye of a homeless man who exclaimed in a breathless voice “Oh, I love your hair.  You look just like Sophia Loren”!  I was so astonished that I walked by him without filling his cup. Although I look like another film star and not Sophia Loren, it didn’t stop me from pretending that I was an Italian film goddess for at least a week – putting on my sexy Italian with the big hair, make-up, va-va-voom clothes.  Being outrageous or dancing like no one’s watching, loving like you’ve never been hurt takes real courage and imagination. Our imagination is a powerful thing that many of us are afraid to use. But why not when it can be so much fun?

So since I can’t give up just yet on finding The One, let’s continue the list.

  1. We could have fun together in a rainstorm.
  2. You “look good” to me.
  3. You aren’t afraid to match my imagination.


Quote challenge: If you are a cute guy with the right answer, you’ll get to choose between A, B and C and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.  If you a girl or gay, then dinner at Perla is on me.  Please leave your educated guess in comments.

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One thought on “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

  1. The Cub says:

    “My lover for life will likely remain in my imagination which is too bad for him.” Such sage-like wisdom.

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