Dear Laura and Betch

 The following anecdote is a lesson I’d like to share with you. I want to spare you from recreating my recent life FAIL.

All I can really do at this point.

All I can really do at this point.

Last week I was sending a professional e-mail and could not remember the name of the second recipient of the message. In true Brian fashion, I drafted the e-mail on the couch as “Dear Laura and betch” and continued in the body of the paragraph to say “As betch mentioned…”. Later when I got the correct name of “betch” from my room I corrected the body of the e-mail with the correct name and proofread the e-mail before hitting send.

Clearly not carefully enough. Immediately I thought to myself oh shit. I had sent the e-mail as “Dear Laura and betch”. Not knowing if re-calling an e-mail was possible on g-mail, I immediately corrected the e-mail and sent out a new version moments later. I mean what can you possibly say to correct that faux pas… “Oh sorry I didn’t mean betch, I meant Sarah”.

Clearly mortified I sat in disbelief of my stupid betch move. As Ivanka said, so unlike me! Alas maybe they think I’m schizophrenic. Maybe they found it funny. Nance consoled me and said maybe they thought I meant “Beth”. Unlikely but regardless of how the e-mails were received, not my finest moment.

Laura in question responded to the second e-mail, failing to address the first, with a generally nondescript response. Though despite no mention of the questionable salutation line, I for one am going to put this contact on the back burner. Please learn from my moment of silly bitchness. Be careful what you draft. Use blank spaces instead of “betch” as a placeholder. Send is only one click away!

That is all.

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