Betch Spotlight: Elle

So by now you’ve seen that all the betches that color my life assemble quite the crew.  But I would be remiss without introducing you to my fellow co-founder of the over-achiever club: physician-in-the making, 24/7 bombshell, Elle.

Raised by foreign parents with 2 distinct cultures, Elle developed that innate drive to be the best, so indicative of immigrant parents (I of course can relate). Currently at the top of her class in Med school, previously we both breezed through college Biology courses together. After acing our tests, that other betches would cry over, we would frolic around together, never really understanding the allure of already fattening and balding frat brahs. In short we assert that are overachievers in every way: our bodies, our grades, our expectation of men… etc.

But what’s more – Elle is the ultimate catch. Clearly she possesses brains but she also is strikingly beautiful. She’s the girl next door with bombshell in her blood. You may say too much, I say I’m just doing Elle justice. I always think to myself, I can’t wait to see her dazzle whatever hospital she ends up working at. If you’ve ever wondered if doctors really look like those out of Grey’s Anatomy, I can attest Elle would put Izzie Stevens out of business.

Now I’ve mentioned my mother briefly before, but Elle is the only betch to ever receive my mother’s complete approval. Exotic beauty, ambition and polished yet complimentary manners, topped off with the promise of one day becoming a doctor… there’s no way my mother couldn’t secretly scheme to have us married (no comment).

As one of my closest confidantes, Elle always gives me unabashed advice. To be honest, there is no reason why I should not listen. She leads by example, playing her cards with men perfectly; strategically but not callously. I mean multiple men have whisked her off to European getaways and her men are the only ones of my friends that I ever fully approve. Clearly I have a lot learn to master that level of man-excellence.

At the end of the day, more that anyone else, Elle inspires me to achieve more. She often urges me to fulfill my potential, as we are very similar in our driving factors and thought processes. Her spot checks make me pensive on what I need in life and her example propels me to reach higher and remember that we’re cut from a similar cloth. For doesn’t that signal the best sort of friend; the one who drives us to do more by their own shimmering example? 

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