Brunching at The Breslin

Brunching is a facet of NYC’s subculture.

Peruse the gamut of NYC restaurants and you’ll find an array of brunch menus. It is a meal to recount stories with friends, often with animated conversation lasting long after the plates have been cleared. Whether you want to get drunk during brunch or recover from a weekend hangover, it’s a catchall for Manhattanites on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

For me, it is the act of brunching itself that draws me out, often NOT the food. In my opinion, why brunch when I can, in most instances, do it better? Yes it is often comfort food, but breakfast food is the easiest to perfect so do I really want to spend 20 dollars for a mediocre omlette?

The Rundown:

That being said, when brunch stops me in my tracks, I can’t stop gushing about it. One such experience was at The Breslin, an established, Michelin-star rated gastropub at the Ace Hotel. Now I love the Ace Hotel, located in NoMad, and I could give a separate review of the great coffee at Stumptown or the posh lobby bar, an ideal place to go for a first date (Both Ivanka and I have been courted here).  It has a very London-chic ambiance, with high ceilings and beautiful furnishings, yet its modern feel lends to serve the hipster clientele it caters to. With dark wood paneling and spacious yet private tables, The Breslin provides an equally hip dining experience, propounded by an open kitchen design and its two floor dining space topped-off with knick-knacks lining the walls. The Breslin perfects the art of fine dining bypassing any notion of pretention.

So what we had to eat: I went here for a post-birthday brunch with a large party which lent me the opportunity to try a variety of options. I started by sharing the Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich with Bourbon and Vanilla. I don’t need to say too much else other than it was as good as it sounds. Gooey peanut butter in a lightly fried batter epitomizes indulgence.  It’s clearly not doing anything for my figure but still well worth it for this innovative classic. I then had the Baked Eggs with Spiced Tomato and Chorizo which was served with crostini inside of a ceramic bowl. As I am the betch that tries to get a semi-healthy option, I still felt as though I was getting something out-of-the-box while not settling for a boring omelet. The playful presentation and spicy kick from the chorizo made it one of the best egg dishes I’ve had in a while. I also tried the Oven Baked 3 Cheese Sandwich with Marmalade and Mustard and I can tell you it was a cross between a Croque Monsieur and the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had. Truly the star though was the Chargrilled Lamb Burger with Feta, Cumin Mayo, and Thrice Cooked Chips, a staple at the Breslin.  Having a slightly gamey taste, it was cooked to perfection; a burger really worth writing home to mom about.

Further validation that Breslin is GREAT, is the fact that there are so many things I want to try that I didn’t get to eat. My parents can tell you that I do not revisit restaurants in this city with limitless options unless I’m impressed. Though with other options I did try like the Scotch Egg, the Blood Sausage or the Goat Cheese and Leek Tart, I will certainly be returning for more.

I’m telling you take it from this bougie, foodie/chef, If you ‘re bored with mediocre brunches then  GO to The Breslin. Not only does the pricing match most other NYC restaurants for brunch, it surely provides  a unique dining experience and top-notch food. These days it’s hard to truly impress me when I eat out, even more so during brunch. The Breslin had us all feeling as though we enjoyed an innovative yet comforting, well-crafted meal. What more should a meal strive to achieve? – 16 West 29th Street New York, NY – 212-679-1939 – No Reservations

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