C&C Dinner Series: EPIPHANY (La Fete des Rois)

Now that I’ve decided that my new persona is being a “downtown” girl, I’m trying to come to terms with my undeniable uptown bougie-ness. Bourgeois implies being conventional, conservative and materialistic in outlook.  Could this describe me? It’s true that I am jonesing for a new Prada wallet for my birthday and embrace some traditions with unswerving fervor. For me having a real Christmas tree is non-negotiable.  It shocked me to learn that my very own mother abandoned the Italian tradition of the Feast of Seven Fishes on the Eve.

So it may not come as a surprise that I love to celebrate various French inspired holidays, many revolving around the Catholic calendar.  One favorite is Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Kings.  This holiday is widely celebrated in France because it sells pastry.  A delicious golden cake called La Galette des Rois filled with almond paste holds a small hidden charm.  The person who gets the piece of cake with the charm is anointed the King or Queen.

What could be better than sharing traditions?  Brian, a bonafide bougie himself, got on board and before you knew it we had planned a party comprising his friends, my daughters and the Chief Optimist (still waiting for his reveal in this blog).  Flora arrived with her dog, Paprika who became erotically attached to Brian’s leg to great hilarity.  We even played some untraditional parlor games to even more hilarity.  In the end, it seemed like a non-materialistic way to celebrate the holiday season as the focus was purely on food, family and friends.

It’s also the French who gave us “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”.  Is meaningful change impossible? It interested me recently to learn that The Porcupine, who I haven’t mentioned lately, is trying out a new persona, one that’s warmer and less foreboding. I like that he isn’t afraid to evolve his personality as it coincides exactly with my personal yen to alter something in my life even if it’s only the neighborhood where I work. All change involves risk so what motivates us? Some people try to change and others don’t heed the invitation.  I think that love, either the presence or lack of it, can create the necessary catalyst to be different. For me, the loss of love created the environment for me to radically change, ultimately helping me to finally love the totality of myself. This makes me wonder why a Porcupine becomes all warm and cuddly  – even lovable. Maybe it’s because he’s in love!

Remember that progress involves risk.  You can’t steal second base with your foot on first.  As for me, with my new downtown job, I’m looking forward to making the metamorphosis into an edgy Tribeca girl. Like the French, just call me “bobo”.  I’m bohemian bourgeois.

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