I Want it All and I Want it Now.


A veritable anthem of the millennial generation.

Career. We don’t want to wait forever for a promotion that we should have received 5 months ago but rather we deserve to be awarded for our hard work. Talk is cheap and we value ourselves highly – putting ourselves above the rest, we want to rack up accolades and we want it now. It’s a misconception that we’re lazy, in all actuality we will work diligently for what we want. We simply were not raised at time where we had to wait for those things we worked hard for.

Love. Settling is for trolls. We date around, we judge possibly too harshly, and the thought of a marriage at young age is likened to scoffs and cutting people out of lives. We don’t question why we’re single but we question what is wrong with those who can’t that admire our innate value.

Mind you I speak as a New York millennial. Probably the most me-focused, driven, self-confident subset of my American generation. But I for one think being a millennial is a wonderful thing.

For careers, why settle? We live in a time when staying at a company for a lifetime is a thing of a past. Our employers don’t have any issue firing us in an topsy-turvy economy so why not always be on the look-out for the next best thing. People not only switch jobs multiple times but often switch careers multiple times.

Maybe it stems directly from the middle-road American overachiever upbringing. Excel in school, get a good college degree, get a good job. But on that third step there arises a case of failure to launch for so many millennials. We’re all told the jobs that we should pursue that will make us respectable, successful figures in the working world, but what about our hobbies, what interests us… After starting these “respectable careers” so many of us long to just run away and travel or cook or follow whatever passion previously thought of as a pastime. To me, it’s not that we’re spoiled but rather that we possess a wanderlust to do more than what we’re told we’re supposed to do.

As for love, what’s the rush? Why does there have to be a Mr. Right in our twenties. We all know that children change your life so why rush into that and give up our freedom. Social media has made us narcissistic – making us all build a persona composed of only our best attributes. Online dating has made us fickle, desiring to connect yet not wanting to invest in any of the seemingly limitless options.

Are we flawed? Perhaps, but don’t we all suffer from our own unique flaws stemming from our generational influences? I like to think that we are recklessly confident on where our lives will take us and how much we will soon achieve. We are the most tolerant generation, most likely spurred from the fact that internet gave us access to a great variety of perspectives without ever having to leave the comfort of our computer screen. We are tenacious but fear committing to one path for the full trajectory of our lives.

Battle cry for millennials? Nope, just musings on a slow work day after giving in my 2 weeks notice.

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