Top Ten Things Guys Ever Said to Me


  1.  Namaste or I bow to the divine in you. (words not needed)
  2. “I remember every word of our conversation.” (this guy’s a keeper)
  3. If we’d ever spoon, he’d be the bigger spoon. (pre-gaming in a bar)
  4. “I would never not have something to say to you.” (words as foreplay?)
  5. “Write your name here and your phone number over here if you are single.”
  6. “How young is too young for you and I’ll be one year older.” (young black buck)
  7. “Vous êtes une perle”! (no list of mine is complete without the French)
  8. “Will you marry me?” (my gay “husband” while on bent knee going uptown on the M104 bus)
  9. “You are as beautiful as my car!” (22 year old guy)
  10. “I wonder what her bush looks like?” (Bachata partner’s thoughts on the dancefloor)

Happy Valentine’s Day to the men who are in my life, have been in my life and will be in my life. I’m happy that I stopped and listened to what you had to say. 


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