C&C Dinner Party Series: Year of the Horse

It never ceases to amaze me how the cub and the cougar intersect.  We recently discovered that we both were born in the Year of the Horse. Since this includes the majority of Brian’s posse, of course we decided to celebrate in style with a Chinese banquet.

Researching the Chinese zodiac is always entertaining. As with all horoscope reading, you can take or leave what you like. You can choose to interpret these animal signs as how the world sees you or how you wish to represent yourself.  So does this description of Year of the Horse people describe the Cub and/or the Cougar?

People born in the year of the horse are said to be a bit like horses: animated, active and energetic – they love being in a crowd. They are quick to learn independence – foals can walk minutes after birth – and they have a straightforward and positive attitude towards life. They are known for their communication skills and are exceedingly witty.

The Cub had never experienced a Chinese banquet with 10 succulent courses to degust.  He rounded up (forgive the pun) his people and we headed to Jing Fong restaurant in Chinatown.  Of course, his betches came appropriately dressed for a Saturday evening – short shorts, stilettos and fishnet stockings. If I was similarly attired, the Fashion Police would label me a high class hooker. I was clothed rather decorously in a long sleeve, albeit sheer top over a bustier. The Cub was fashionably attired according to his usual standards.

From my previous Chinese banquet experience, the food goes down well with the hard stuff. That’s how a few bottles of bourbon ended up on the table and were quickly consumed.  It is safe to say that a little alcohol buzz spiced up the conversation around the table. Blake, who is Chinese, directed the meal with his orders in Cantonese to the waiters. The un-initiated were fairly game to try whatever was served us as attached photos attest. All the betches were out, with Éva, Cameron, Ivanka and Naisha making an appearance.

As the meal wore down, conversation turned to after party plans such as Tinder Men waiting for meetups, birthday parties to make an appearance at, dancing to be considered.  A short brisk walk in the cold January air found us at a nearby club and the night ended in typical fashion for us horses – being a bit impulsive, seeking life’s adventures, surrounded by many friends at a party.

Perhaps this Year of the Horse can serve to remind us all to act fast, love self-expression, follow your hunches  — to take a leap and fly.  We all have a chance at wild good fortune and sudden gain this year.  Let life be all or nothing!

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