They’re All Consequential


To add to the many parallels that connect this cub and cougar, as Nance celebrated her milestone birthday to kick-off a decade of consequence, I believe that every one of my birthdays has consequence.

Aren’t birthdays those lustrous days when it’s OK for all of the attention to be on you? I think so. If you’re a Debbie downer, you can stew over the fact that it is just another day. But I for one let myself believe that a birthday inherently possesses just little a little extra spice — after all, isn’t a birthday a holiday that celebrates YOUR life?

More than being a complete narcissistic prick, I take birthdays as days to reflect and think about what happened in the course of a year. How often do we really take the time to do so in our busy, manic lives? Birthdays can serve as a report card on how we’re doing on those long-forgotten new years resolutions (Thus far I get a B-).

What has this year taught me in retrospect? You could say the norm for a 20-something in NYC. I met a few extravagant men, dreamed a little too big, but ended up on the right side of taking a few risks. Last year’s greatest takeaway was learning that saying goodbye was a process that needs to run its course and realizing that plans are only as good as the understanding that all plans needs to be made flexible.

But isn’t that the beautiful thing of becoming a year older, a year wiser, a year more world-wearied? Birthdays are what you make of them, and I aim to make them extravagant, friend-filled, and unforgettable. I’m always reminded how much I’m loved on my birthdays and how shimmering my life really is. For some time I have held on to an elegant idea: I strive to mirror an aged wine in life (French wine obviously). Attaining more depth and flavor, additional prestige and worth, and eclipsing passed merit year by year. Maybe it’s a silly, dramatic notion, but who says that youth is your prime? I firmly believe that if you decide so, your prime is a shifting target always in the future, exciting and rewarding to work toward.

For me, it has always been about setting goals, working towards those goals, and rationally accepting that each year teaches you and makes you better. Life changes, friends go down different roads, but it’s always nice to stop and smell the magnolias in the spring — To assert to yourself that indeed you live a life of consequence. Cheers!

They're all consequential

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