C&C Dinner Party Series: Old Friends, New Beginnings

Another week, another Sunday funday dinner party.

Yes tomorrow’s the start of a new workweek, and no, getting shitfaced is not a priority. Though in some ways doesn’t that make a Sunday party a different kind of enjoyable? Low-key and understated can be just the remedy to rewind before opening your EMs on Monday morning and dying inside.

Last week my friend Colton was in town, who I met while studying abroad in Paris.  Rightly so, Ivanka and I showed him all the best that NYC has to offer – Including a C&C Dinner Party with all the betches in attendance.

As it was a spring fete, and summer is on the horizon (THANK GOD), I served light fare. To start Eva, slightly subdued on this particular evening, supplied the appetizers. I hail from the school of thought of thought that host should make all course but on this occasion I obliged Eva’s kind offer and let a betch lend a hand (Hosting a guest is tiring). She made Blue Cheese Apple Crostini… You really can’t go wrong with crostini.

Next I made a few Artichoke & Feta Cheese Tarts served alongside a Frisee Salad with an Almond-Balsamic Vinaigrette. Nothing crazy or too indulgent, but parfait for the occasion.

As I met Colton in, still my favorite, the great city of Paris, I served a cheese course highlighting a mild Brie and a slightly stronger Rechoulon; courtesy of our neighborhood Zabar’s. FYI, cheese courses are the perfect option to serve when you want to take a hiatus to the kitchen in order make a fresh dessert for dinner party guests.

I did just that.  I whipped up a simple yet scrumptious Butterscotch Banana Tarte Tatin from Deb Perlman’s Smitten Kitchen cookbook, spicing it up with some brandy.  The dessert definitely has that wow factor and takes less than 15 to cook before popping into the oven. When served with Mint chocolate chip ice cream with a homemade cinnamon-chocolate drizzle? I can attest – Irresistible.

Now Colton is a firmly-established, born and raised, Midwest boy– where he’ll bear and raise his kiddies. On his last night in Manhattan, we were chatting about his life GP (gameplan), and Nancy simply stated, “Well if you already know what you want in life, don’t make it harder than it has to be”. Just like that Nance drops sage-like wisdom compelling me to mull over my own decision tree.

Colton has always inspired me by how sure he is about what he wants in his life, where he wants to be, and what he stands for (Midwest-pride). Lately I feel as though I’m trying find a foothold, striving to dictate my  life trajectory rather than moving mechanically to the pace of NYC. Isn’t it so easy to sometimes just fall into something and decide it works – Career, Friendships, Love? As the future holds so much change, I can’t help but think that my future is nothing short of complicated. Conflicting ambitions, uncertainty on where I want to root my life next, propounded by the fact that there seems to be a dearth of gays in my life in a city overflowing with gays weigh on my mind. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never monotonous but definitely not uncomplicated.

Am I the only one that thinks starting afresh is a better alternative than losing yourself to a life you don’t dictate? Scary to do, but a gamble that can so rejuvenate everything.

For now, good cheese and Bordeaux, the joy of trying new recipes, and time well-invested with friends get me through the pensive bouts. Just  passing thoughts as we continue to live our glittering lives in my shimmering city. To you mon cher Colton!

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