Brunching with the Brooklynites: Reynard

So Williamsburg…

I’ve betched about it by night, but during the day, at the onset of Spring, I can’t help but somewhat love Williamsburg. The status quo is hipster chic. Even though I think that’s somewhat of an oxymoron, it does have its charm for a firmly-established Manhattanite.

When my friend Colton was in town last week, I decided to try brunch at Reynard at the Wythe Hotel. As stated, I look for innovation, taste, ambiance, and plating (as any NYC, paying diner should as its so easy to settle for subpar while still paying too much). I must say Reynard stuck the landing on all accounts.

The Rundown

First off the trendy ambiance of the Wythe hotel is perfectly Brooklyn. Reynard has an airy feel, propounded by large windows, and oozes with character from the brick walls of the restaurant. Remind me to come back to the Wythe and try the bar upstairs that has a spectacular view of Manhattan.

We had an affordable pitcher of standard French white wine to share for $27. They also have a short baked goods selection and I tried a savory croissant which was rather authentic to a Parisian boulangerie. The waitress was impossibly BK as well — charming, understated and laid-back. Her leisurely pace made us wait a while for food, and I must say Ivanka was about to fling a gypsy baby in hunger.

But the food was well worth it. Ivanka had the an open face Pastrami sandwich and Colton a modern take on Italian Sausage & Beans. As you can see plating got top marks.

As for me, I’m all about trying something new so I tried the Polenta Cakes with Harissa Mayonnaise and Radicchio. Savory and interesting, it was another inspired brunch. The flavors were clean and I was not left feeling that I had too much food; simply and perfectly satiated. My perpetual goal – especially in a city where brunch means eating until you pass out in food/drunch comma.

What’s the best thing about Reynard? The menu changes daily on the site, so there’s always new innovation to try at the Wythe (Also why I couldn’t recall the exact names of each dish we ordered). Not to mention you’re not in Manhattan so brunch was dare I say it a bargain?

Reynard is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the neighborhood. Simply email the Wythe to make a reservation.

See more reviews at NYC Restaurants.

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