A Summer of Strategically Drinking

Strategically Drinking with champagne?

Strategically Drinking with champagne?

Oh NYC. It’s hard to match Manhattan in the late spring. Although we know what awaits us around the corner with unavoidably sweaty subway rides and a veritable sauna-esque backdrop, summer still heralds the promise of exciting things to come. You should know by now that it is a proven theory that Manhattanites come out of the woodwork when the cold lifts – Out of hibernation to frolic, have fun, and, frankly, fuck.

If you were wondering what caused the hiatus of the cub and the cougar, I was frolicking around with alpacas in Peru with Éva and Naisha while Nance has been busy giving us added inspiration (Even though that’s not really necessary), chugging away with finals, working toward her Master’s. As always, a break from my urban jungle supplied me with fresh fodder on how I can revamp in my life.

As Naisha and I sipped on Pisco sours in Lima on our hotel’s rooftop, I had a thought: This summer I aim to strategically drink and party with tact.  Is the real coming age of the young professional when one forgoes the endless nights of binge drinking to focus on more noble pursuits? I’m thinking…Invite-only parties, rooftop openings, tennis tournaments, training for half marathons. I mean I surround myself with only the classiest; it’s not a pipedream but simply something that I will now actively devote my time and attention to. I know I’ve always been ahead of the curve for my age, but it’s clear that I need to expand my gay circle, network more as I seek to switch careers, as always fill my life with extravagance… Oh and sure I’ll fit in a summer fling in there as well.

Last summer I learned that binge drinking and pissing away weekends at clubs has a short shelf life. Let’s be real, I’ll never find the man that can keep up with me at the Ritz/Metropolitan anyways. Don’t get me wrong, I‘ll still drag myself to Le Bain or the Electric Room if I really must 🙂

I should preface I am test-driving the Paleo diet for the month of June which accompanies this new summer philosophy… In any event, I guess my driving point is this: The singles of NYC complain how it’s hard to meet anyone in this city of excess (Me included). Well boo hoo – we’re young, vivacious, and beautiful. The only thing stopping us from meeting new men, and people and general, is ourselves. It’s not easy but we must put ourselves in new social situations. They may throw us off balance, but it’s those moments when you’re the most open to meting someone new. Sorry Tinder, you’ll be a backup for a mythical man creatures on standby, but I’m looking for first encounters other than swipes this summer.

Don’t get me wrong, my goal of strategically drinking is not about finding a man, but I think it’s a sound game plan for many a Manhattanite this summer. The year of the horse continues to be a year transformation for this cub. I feel new age, driven chiefly to shake my status quo and fling myself into the winds of change. After all, I did go on a 4 day trek when I learned  how to get over the alarming state of my hair without a blow drier… Who am I again?

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