Mother/Daughter Lunches – Bubby’s Tribeca

A part of motherhood I especially appreciated was the general sense of complicity I shared with my daughters. Time has a way of altering that dynamic as they grow up and inevitably leave the nest. I have fewer opportunities to experience this feeling now so I cherish each and every one of them.

One nice perk of working in Tribeca is my proximity during the work week to my eldest daughter. Since she now lives in Brooklyn and it’s a hike and/or a pricey taxi from the UWS, we don’t see each other frequently. She’s been working in Tribeca longer than I have so she is the undisputed fount of food knowledge for our lunch outings. She is a typical foodie of her generation having been immersed in the French culture’s worship of food and having grown up in Manhattan. Girls who went to the French Lycée weren’t afraid to walk into Chanel just to window shop or book a table at the hot new restaurant and order only desserts.

So we mutually agreed to embrace the carpe diem theory and seize the day by making the most of our time working near each other. Scheduling impromptu lunches periodically, it’s mostly JuJu who suggests the venue. This time I made the recommendation to try Bubby’s, a restaurant I had overheard co-workers rave about and which I walked by daily from my subway commute.

Every trip to a new restaurant involves the requisite menu viewing pre-visit to check out the options. Bubby’s announces its mission is nothing less than defending the American table. It is decidedly a unique place as it highlights not only a Map of Corn on its website but includes links to essays about corn in America. Much of the food is as fresh as possible, farm-raised and derived from local producers upstate. I was admittedly curious to find out if they really “squeeze the cane sugar for their freshly pressed sodas”. A restaurant that goes to the trouble to use stealth to “steal recipes from Grandma” is definitely worth a visit.

Since a butcher on the premises grinds beef daily for the burgers, my choice was pre-ordained. The balmy spring day gave promise for warmer weather reminding me of my ritual of making homemade iced tea from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Not finding the lemonade to be adequately “peachy”, the waitress cheerfully offered to adjust the balance as it’s all homemade. I embarrassed myself by wolfing down my burger with gusto. My daughter chose the ubiquitous kale salad which appeared at the table as green as a harbinger of spring. My burger contrasted nicely to the freshness of her salad with its own lightness.

Bubby’s offers so many options – pie and coffee for an afternoon pick me up, midnight brunch after downtown clubbing, and certainly would be an warm and inviting place to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal for a pay what you buffet with proceeds benefiting a local charity. If I ever make it to Japan, I am comforted to know that Bubby’s was chosen as the quintessential restaurant to represent America at the Yokohama’s Sakuragicho Station. I not only recommend eating at Bubby’s but check out their website which offers a wealth of good information.



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