Sweet AND Savory Please: Brunch at Telepan

Lately I’ve been less eager to leave the neighborhood, preferring rather to explore the best of the Upper West Side. I think it’s a combination of wanting to avoid the oppressively hot subway, the fact that a number of my friends happen to live in the vicinity, and also that sometimes I don’t feel like schlepping to brunch downtown after long workweeks.

Today I had a rather phenomenal brunch at Telepan, right in the heart of my favorite part of the UWS. Known for high-end fare, the brunch is a best-kept secret. 2 courses for $32 – not bad for the quality of food served here, in my opinion. If you’re looking for a drunk brunch, go somewhere else. Telepan is not recommended for frat stars and lushes. But if you’re in the mood for a classy catch-up session, go to Telepan. The atmosphere is quiet and refined and located right off Columbus Ave among the beautiful townhouses of the UWS.

For the food, I won’t say that I was blown away as much as somewhere like The Breslin, but overall Telepan offers great service and good food. The best thing about a prix fixe brunch is that you don’t have to answer that age-old brunch question: Sweet or Savory? At Telepan, you can have both!

I did just that. First I had the Apple Sausage with poached egg, duck prosciutto and watercress. Just enough for my salty fix. Can you really go wrong with duck prosciutto? My second course was the Fallen pancake soufflé with brown sugar bacon and blueberry sauce. I thought the “fallen pancake soufflés” were a bit dense for me, but I applaud the creativity. Brunch food often bores me and I always appreciate the innovation. Fresh pastries and bread for the table added to the atmosphere, making brunch feel more special than just a hangover recovery session.

After being stuffed, thoroughly breaking all the rules of my Paleo diet on a deserved cheat day, I meandered home, strolling through the Upper West Side. I think there really is something to be said about staying local in your neighborhood in NYC every so often. In a city bounding with so many options, it’s always somewhat exciting to discover somewhere new that you pass every day. Just another reason to love this city.

212.590.4300    Ÿ http://telepan-ny.com/

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