The DJ’s in the house!

That the Porcupine is into music should come as no surprise. His classes are driven by the beat of his playlists covering diverse genres from house & rap classics to soulful R&B love jams to a Latin beat. Ladies – if you listen closely, you’ll know when he is love jones-ing. Like a DJ in training, he knows what’s trending in the music world and shares it with us. Awhile back, during his “in therapy” phase, he confessed his intent to show us more of himself – all sides of him. Although I think that he always showed himself through his music, I see that he is following through on that promise and expressing himself more openly through his tracks. Or maybe the music is just louder. Either way, it’s speaking to me with the intensity that defines his M.O.

It’s useful that the Porcupine is fueled by his passion for music, as it’s sometimes hard to understand his verbal communication. I’ve made a study of watching his interaction with others before class, as people line up ready for his workout. Actually as much as I enjoy talking to the Porcupine, I don’t have the desire to speak to him in the company of other people. But that’s another story for another day. Before class, it’s enough for me to notice that he’s there – yeah, the Porcupine’s in the house… life is good. Let’s do it.

After some unscientific observation, I’ve concluded that he has four levels of communication with people.

#1 Hostile

This is reserved for people who are clearly bothering him and for whom he has absolutely no time. This is related to the infamous – “if you don’t work hard, you are dead to me” statement. Honestly, sometimes it’s just better to stay out of his way. That’s what I wanted to say to the woman he was bitching out as I sat next to them. So sorry for you…. and you made him take off his Beats!

#2 Abrupt

This includes people like me who always want to steal a moment of his time when he’d just like to go home after a long day leading his tribe of followers. Like that time I thought it was hilarious that I knew how to say the word “hangover” in Ecuadorian Spanish dialect. Honestly, I was so thrilled to share that with him; him…. not so much. But I don’t take it personally as I’ve noticed that he is a good listener, just not a big talker in my company. In truth, I like telling him private thoughts that I’d be embarrassed to share with other people. Somehow I know that he won’t judge me so I can trust him with my secrets.

# 3 Nice… kinda

Yes the Porcupine can be nice. I guess this is reserved for his B-level people. People he acknowledges, maybe likes but he still might ignore you. That lovely girl who I’ll call Pocahontas falls in this category. It was her birthday and he acknowledged it very nicely thank you. Nonetheless he said it as he was walking away with his back to her – bad body language if you want to show you are really interested in someone’s birthday. This category tells me that there is hope that the Porcupine is working on his interpersonal communication.

#1 Affectionate

Although we know that big guys can have a special gift being gentle and the bigger they are the harder they fall, it was especially poignant to witness the Porcupine unexpectedly displaying douceur. Actually I’ve never before seen him speak to anyone with such tenderness as he did to the Mona Lisa (or La Gioconda if you prefer) who is of course, his front row, inner circle, in the promised land. She is also gentle and kind and peaceful which is probably why she inspires the same in him. I guess someone angelic exerts a quiet power to make him an angel, an archangel (chief angel) of course!

How lucky we are – not just the Porcupine – to have such a variety of people in our lives to stir us up in many different ways. I’m going to end this with something for the girls because it’s not only the Porcupine who’s lucky to have some variety in his life.

10 Kinds of Men Every Woman Needs in her Life

  1. The doting father figure.
  2. The ex you know you can still call.
  3. The ex you know you can never call again.
  4. The totally platonic male best friend.
  5. The man you love, but would never have a relationship with.
  6. The man who has encouraged you in your career.
  7. The man who you can call to move your couch.
  8. The man who adores you exactly the way you are.
  9. The guy who flirts with you but doesn’t expect anything in return.
  10. The man who gets your jokes.

Since I’m trending toward simplifying my life, I’ll let Whitney tell you in song the only kind of man I need.

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5 thoughts on “The DJ’s in the house!

  1. The Cub says:

    Nance. How could you forget the sassy gay friend on this list of men you need in your life…

    • The Cougar says:

      Brian although you already fall into a few of the categories listed you are right to want a category all to yourself.

  2. Crazy Harry says:

    C+C – I happen to know your “Mona Lisa” very well and I gotta tell you, sometimes she reminds me more of this Mona Lisa than the original:

    • The Cougar says:

      Thanks for reading the blog! Yes there is a feeling of mystery with both the Mona Lisa and a cat. How lucky for such a girl….

  3. The Cougar says:

    I’m glad to have learned your true identity as I thought you were the ex who she never wanted to call again….

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