CHEAP EATS (#1) – BurgerFi

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It’s clear that the Cub and I enjoy food – creating special moments breaking bread with friends and family and enjoying the best restaurants NYC has to offer. Always the odd couple, the Cub trends older and I trend younger. It’s a secret of our successful relationship. While he is writing insightful reviews about “The Marrow”, I’m dying to get myself to “Porchetta “as a savory reminder of my time in Rome with JuJu.  With the recent publishing of New York Mag’s “Cheap Eats 101” and inspired by the movie “Julie & Julia”, I decided to see how many cheap eats I could sample in one year’s time. Not being able to devote each day to a new restaurant, I will pick out a random restaurant on the list which happens to fall within walking distance of a neighborhood I find myself in. I may throw in a few cheap eats from JuJu’s list of taxi driver recommendations.

So it was a perfect confluence after Titan Ride at Equinox on the upper east side that I realized I could walk to my first cheap eat – BurgerFi located at 1571 2nd Ave at 82nd St. Since being forced to renounce my 6 am spin habit of 10 years, I’ve had to find alternatives. Although some people think I’m crazy to devote time on a Friday evening to a spin class, they don’t know Titan Ride. I am so energized by the music that I feel like I’m pre-gaming for a club outing later…. which I usually am! But that night I decided on another option and after burning a thousand calories, I went to eat a thousand calories. To start let me say that BurgerFi is trademarked and has its “story”. Quite simply, BurgerFi claims to “change the way we think of the burger” and provide a unique experience. I think I will love this place as they devote a page on their website to the various alias they’ve been called. My Burgerfication was about to begin….

I enjoyed a leisurely stroll to 2nd avenue which is ugly beyond description even on a balmy summer evening as the avenue is disrupted to expand the subway line. While noting the plethora of restaurants all alive with people, I wondered if I could ever live on the UES if life made me do it. Since life is making me do things these days that I am not in sync with, this is not such a random thought. Although I am about finished with the UWS, I doubt the UES would be my choice despite providing better dining options.

My first impression was this franchise was modelled after McDonalds, only trying harder. Beer was displayed artfully and as I placed my order I considered a Corona instead of a milkshake. Wine is an option as well as specialty soft drinks such as Coke de Mexico (who knew?) To end the mystery, my order consisted of the BurgerFi Double Cheeseburger (650 calories), Parmesan Cheese and Herbs Fries (650 calories) and a strawberry shake (720 calories) = 1430 calories! Good thing I didn’t have an appetite until 3:30 pm the next day.

Really there’s not that much to say about a restaurant (big word) that is mostly fast food leaning towards upscale and hyped with a folksy online marketing campaign. Nonetheless I am never one to refuse the challenge to eat a burger, especially in the summertime. The burger itself was tasty being natural Angus, you know; the fries were trying too hard to be special and I don’t need whipped cream with rainbow sprinkles decorating my shake. Although I wouldn’t say no to another BurgerFi, I also wouldn’t go out of my way to dine here again. Then again, I’m not a hamburger connoisseur just a hungry girl after spin class.

Do any readers know what the French call McDonald’s? A correct answer and I’ll buy you a BurgerFi.


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