C&C Dinner Party Series: Hamptons Virgin No More

C&C Hit the road? We did just that and took a trip together to that haven of NYC socialites, the Hamptons.

Nance, a seasoned New Yorker, has her long list of “in-the-know” contacts and so we took off after work on Friday to spend the weekend with an old friend in East Hampton. Me, being a Hamptons virgin, completely relished the experience from start to finish. To preface, I never understood the allure of having a separate house, 2 hours away, that New Yorkers visit every weekend. No thanks. I’ll just invest in a beautiful Parisian apartment overlooking the Seine and skip the Hamptons home.

However my intrigue got the best of me and I took the trek to the far side of Long Island. I must say, my understanding for the distinctly New York City fascination is growing. The Hamptons, in my mind, epitomizes an idyllic suburb. Every house is adorned with quaint cedar-plank paneling with perfectly manicured lawns, often accompanied with perfectly trimmed hydrangea bushes or hedges, that provide an undeniable allure. The aura is somewhat pretentious, as we took an evening stroll by the yachts stationed in the harbor (betches), but it’s clear the streets are lined with New Yorkers who simply want to get away from the bustle. We stayed at a house in the wooded area of East Hampton, so no clubbing on the agenda this time. Though frankly, that was fine by me. The house screamed retreat house, each room separated distinctly from all others, with large windows accentuating the peaceful forest outside.

While at the Hamptons, when not lounging by the pool or taking long naps, I did the cooking for the weekend. I mean I had to remunerate my host in some way, no? Summertime fare included an Arugula salad with tarragon-orange vinaigrette, grilled chorizo and clams atop cauliflower rice, and cumin-spiced ribs with pinapple-avocado salsa. Dessert comprised of LeVain cookies, fresh from the East Hamptons shop, Coconut milk almond-chocolate chip ice cream and a Peach crostata. The food was simple and summery, as I wanted more to relax than to dazzle. I stayed Paleo for most of the weekend, but I’m sorry it’s humanly impossible to resist indulging when you throw LeVain cookies into the mix.

The houses are beautiful. The money seeps from the private driveways. But the feeling of relaxation is ubiquitous. As I thrust myself further into establishing my career path, I get the need for a retreat from NYC as it really can be too much sometimes, and frankly too hot in the summer. For me the Hamptons is a little too waspy for my taste, I’d much rather be at a Villa in Ville-franche-sur-le-mer. However as I work more and more, having a respite to go where relaxation is an established state of mind makes so much more sense now as a New Yorker. What a perfect weekend to get away and be a bougie betch… Oh wait Nance and I are perpetually bougie betches. Such a nice weekend to get away and ponder about what’s in store next for this bougie power couple* 🙂

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One thought on “C&C Dinner Party Series: Hamptons Virgin No More

  1. The Cougar says:

    Wow – I’m so glad to learn that I am half of a bougie power couple! I always wanted to be a tornado that meets a volcano (blame that imagery on Eminem..) I am with you all the way – we can share that Parisian garret and you know that I’m also in the know for La Cote d’Azur. Brian – we were so meant to be together!

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