Old World Style: Brunch at Palma

Brunch. I’ve stated that it’s a New York obsession. Frankly, I’m catching onto the craze, not because I’m dazzled by the food options but long and lazy catch-ups on Saturdays and Sundays now trump raging until 4 AM (Growing up problems).

Alas when my friend posted a Harper’s-Bazaar-endorsed brunch list on my timeline (For the chicest restaurant garden brunch spots), I felt compelled to accept the challenge and check a few out ASAP. I was in the mood for the West Village, which brought me down to Palma for laid-back Italian fare.

Tucked away on charming Cornelia Street, the outside and even front dining area are rather unassuming. However step through to the back, canopied patio, and you arrive upon a brunch setting with distinctively old world charm. Rustic, well executed table settings, rose-lined walls, and authentically European accents create an undeniable appeal for any brunching betch.

Serving an Italian menu, the food is interesting but not over the top. I wouldn’t write home about my Shrimp Frittata but then again I’m still on this Paleo binge so what do I write home about these days? Cam’s Pancetta Eggs Benedict was an eyebrow raiser being a whimsical play on a classic. The portions are big and overall the pricing is reasonable.   (Real life: $8 cocktails are reasonable in NYC)

So you might ask, with a lackluster culinary review, why go? Well brunch should be all about the gab session with friends. The tell-all about the going-ons in our lives. During the throes of summertime, brunch culture seemingly becomes accentuated as it spills outdoors, with large open windows and pop-up sidewalk tables. Palma takes advantage of this New York summer blaze of glory. It does a great job of elevating brunch by serving up a wonderful ambiance, making you think for a second that you’ve left NYC behind. Perhaps Tuscany, perhaps Le Cote d’Azur? After all, often can’t memorable ambiance elevate food in retrospect?

http://www.palmanyc.com/ – 28 Cornelia Street – 212.691.2223

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