Betch Spotlight: Faye



Time for another Betch Spotlight. It’s been a while since a betch has graced these pages but it’s it time for Faye to get her due.

Faye. Effortless fashionista sporting Van Cleef as easily as she wears her affable and understated elegance. Ivy-league grad at home in NYC as the current pit stop for this jet setting bonne vivante.

We met at the frattiest happy-hour this side of college, and it was bougie love within the first hour of meeting. After moving to the city, Faye soon became a facet of C&C life, fitting in seamlessly amidst our purported extravagance. A friend through Ivanka, the three of us united comprise a virtual betchy trifecta (Stay tuned for our upcoming voyage… Are you ready Morocco?

She possesses an undeniable class, an attribute I can fully appreciate. Catch her having high tea at the St. Regis on weekends, possibly chatting up young savants. However don’t be fooled, she can transform as the night grows late, shedding inhibition with the start of dance floor (a few high fluted cocktails later of course). Because let’s make this clear: there is a large difference between effortless class blended with the ability to let loose as compared to high-society stuffiness. Schooled and brought up across Australia, British Columbia, Seattle, and Seoul, this betch comprises an East meets Pacific Northwest meets Down-under sensibility. How much more intrigue can you get out of a blend like that?

Faye and I share guiding man principles in common. You see, our core value is never to settle for less than what we know we deserve. I’ll take your criticism. It’s a mentality that comes with being alone at times. But hey, as I always tell Faye, wouldn’t you rather be alone at our age, then waste time on someone who’s just meh? I’m not holding out for a hero, but in the height of vivaciousness, with an “I-am-a-10” mentality, we can afford to be picky. This logic is Nance-endorsed so it’s essentially the bible. Until then Faye will await for her entrepreneur 30-something, dressed in a perfectly pressed suit who will take whisk her off to Perse for a Saturday night date. I fully affirm this uncompromising level of standard.

Alas it’s all merit for me to raise my glass to chère Faye. With you I know there will always be lavish pow-wows, laughter, and discerning taste. To life’s next great adventure with you because surely there are bound to be many memories together to fill the pages of this time of brilliant Manhattan indulgence.

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2 thoughts on “Betch Spotlight: Faye

  1. The Cougar says:

    Cub – remember that you are not alone…you have me!

  2. […] Faye and I decided to leave our glittering city to explore Morocco. I must say, from a cultural […]

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