C&C Dinner Party Series: Summer’s Over When I Say it is

Why does everyone languish at the passing of Labor Day? As far as I’m concerned, one of the perks of the working world is that summer lasts until September 21st. I’m not starting a new semester, so why adhere to an outdated concept for the end of the season? Not to mention that we’ve had the hottest weather of the year this passed week, might I remind you, POST-labor day.

Alas, the warm weather proved for a perfect occasion for another C&C-hosted soiree on the roof of our building. Overlooking the Hudson with beautiful views of Uptown and Downtown Manhattan, the setting is an effortless backdrop for a bougie evening with friends. Though this time I wanted to mix it up, lower the pretentious factor, and give guests the opportunity to mingle and enjoy a beautiful NYC evening.

Current goal for my personal life? Meet as many new people as I can in my sparkling city. Nance and I have developed a theory that with fewer commitments, less restriction, and overall fewer concerns, youth breeds the willingness to connect (NOTE: This rationale does NOT apply to Nance but then again she’s an “against-the-grain” legend). Albeit, in NYC it’s hard to connect to anyone. We’re all so busy with our jobs, social lives, and personal vanity that it’s hard for meaningful connections to stick (romantic, business or otherwise). Though what I’ve discovered is that you need to be persistent, follow-up and be patient. Easiest tactic? Meet others through mutual friends.

That gave me the idea to have a quasi-plus one party. All of the betches of the blog had to bring someone who had never graced a C&C party before. BFs or fuck buddies don’t fit the bill, but guy friends ideal since my short list for male party goers is rather…short. With a spacious roof in play,  they could invite more than one person, but someone new who  would mingle well and enjoy the vibe (It’s not a hard sell). On top of that, I invited friends from work, those I haven’t seen in some time, and friends of friends, all the while hammering home the casual feel.

As I am the perpetuate host I needed to somewhat flex my culinary chops even if it was a purported low-key evening. I served lite finger foods such as my Moroccan-spiced lamb meatballs (Paleo friendly) and Zuchini Fritters. Nance added the contribution of her her tried-and-true Rum Bundt Cake. However it was in the drink category where I wanted to impress serving a Geoffrey Zacharian-inspired Watermelon-Basil Rum Punch, Ginger Shandies, and Cactus Pear Martinis provided by Éva – not to mention the cavalcade of drink selections provided by my generous friends.

Overall it was a perfect evening. The turnout was great. As I looked around I saw college friends mingling with work friends mingling with Nance. The interactions seemed effortless and the vibe? Somewhere between  subtly refined, recklessly youthful, but oh so hedonistically Manhattan. I mean I should have used more hairspray for a somewhat breezy rooftop and maybe I had too many Patron & Fireball shots, but if those are my biggest problems, I think we’re good.

It’s so easy to get stuck in your circle and forget that we live in a metropolis where your network is however big you decide it to be. I have always enjoyed bringing friends together as I find playing host both rewarding and invigorating. The chance to forge new meaningful connections and see what they can become with time, proves to be an exciting prospect. I’m not one to approach strangers at a bar or in a club (Ummm you’re free to dazzle me with something interesting) but as I try to work on that issue, it’s good to simply know that about myself. That being said, a dinner party with mutual friends and friends of those friends is a perfect outlet.

I think the most exclusive rooftop off of West End Ave may be closed for the year – C’est triste! Though as we hurtle into more-intimate dinner party season, Nance and I may need to invest in an event space to accommodate the growing list of dinner party guests – Exactly my intent for the evening.

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One thought on “C&C Dinner Party Series: Summer’s Over When I Say it is

  1. The Cougar says:

    Cub — but we DO have an event space in our building!

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