C&C Take NYC


Nancy and I have many things in common but one of the key threads that binds us together is our love of New York. We both live for taking in all that this great, one-of-a-kind city has to offer. I possess more of a wide-eyed exuberance, striving to soak up every new experience, checking off as many boxes on my bucket list (wallet permitting). For Nance, her love is one that’s been honed and tested time and time again; one that’s established for the long haul.

We’ll review our favorite restaurants and the cutest date spots. We’ll dish the dirt on our favorite night spots and those that you should simply avoid unless you want to spend your night out with a B&T crowd. We will rave about the best drinks at exorbitantly priced speak-easies and also give you our opinion on which macaron is the best in the city. Valuable information since every third person and their mother seems to be selling macarons these days. We’d say our suggestions hold a certain clout, after all we are both bougie, hard-to-impress sources.

I’ll try to enlighten you with all of the newest hotspots that I come across. Nance can share her favorite, time-tested NYC institutions. A fitting mix of recommendations like so much else in our unlikely but perfect pairing. Enjoy!

Visit the link to see the C&C Take NYC page on our site. Enjoy all the extravagance!

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