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C&C Dinner Party Series: A Perfectly Intimate Christmas

I’ll admit I’ve been quite the Scrooge this Christmas season. Seemingly no amount of sparkling lights, yuletide cheer, or Christmas shopping could lift my spirits. Maybe as you grow older and get extremely caught-up with work, it’s harder to stop and take in the holiday season. It also could be something about NYC – I avoid the touristy Christmas attractions like the plague. Rockefeller Center makes me want to die this time of year, which inevitably makes me somewhat aggravated with the heightened hoopla of it all.

But like all things serendipitous in the Nancy-Brian-Cub-Cougar story, our life together managed to snap some cheer back into my ice queen soul. I was all set to have no Christmas party this year but Nance and her daughters made a point of committing to a Christmas celebration, albeit intimate but always bougie. The petit soirée included picking out a tree, tree trimming, champagne, and baking cookies. Nance is recovering from a surgery (explaining her hiatus from the blog) so she lorded over all as we served her nom noms and decorated the apartment.

Perfect dish for a party such as this? Swiss fondue of course! I made an Emmental cheese variation with Swiss white wine (Nance’s go-to recipe) so we could all binge eat over a course of hours. Served alongside my favorite Maison Kayser baguette (New Yorkers – If you haven’t tried this yet, go NOW), apples, cornichons, and saucisson, you really can’t go wrong. Throw in some FOIE GRAS from Juju’s beau and our standard extravagance for dinner parties was achieved.

As I sat in our beautiful apartment looking out onto the Upper West Side, so very happy with my adopted Manhattan family, it dawned on me that this has become home. It’s funny how a transition like that happens gradually overtime but the sudden realization can catch you off guard. I guess home is where you choose to create your life, feel comfortable, and are the happiest. That has become our apartment in 14A, filled so often with betches and laughter, always brimming at the seams with real talk, big dreams, and small successes from our New York City life.

We wish you the very merriest.

Brian & Nance – C & C

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CC Dinner Party Series: Holiday Fête

With Christmas lights illuminating this already luminous city and frigid weather once again gripping the Big Apple, another C&C Party was necessary to bolster a little holiday cheer amongst betches and cougars alike. It snowed the day of our party which added to the allure of our decorated apartment, filled with smells of baking cookies mixed with Frasier fir and set to the tune of a medley of Frank Sinatra Christmas classics and Ke$ha.

Now it’s established that Nancy and I are overachievers. But we really did outdo ourselves this time. I think we propel each other to be excessive. Surrounded by our mounting dishes planned and executed to perfection, we thought quite simply: our friends are lucky.

To start we had a medley of cheese, nuts, dried figs and apricots from Zabars. Of course we went a little overboard and splurged on 7 French cheeses (most of which was eaten after the party). I made a white bean dip, seasoned with sage and rosemary, drizzled with white truffle oil. Too decadent? To follow, Nancy made a mushroom mousse which was really the star of the night and I accompanied the mousse with sweet potato crostini sprinkled with capers.

But dessert is always my favorite and it did not disappoint. We made stacks of 4 different types of cookies (Peanut butter thumb-print, Mexican wedding, Caramel blondies, and Spicy Gingerbread), a three-tiered Bordeaux red velvet cake, and a tiramisu. Needless to say we had some leftovers.

Of course we had to spice up the evening with a slightly racy Yankee Swap Christmas exchange. I opted for the most sexual present provided by none other than Éva and Nance got an appropriate “Boudoir Diaries” book picked out especially for her. We decorated the tree with Nance’s beautiful Italian crystal ornaments and I of course had to indulge in a few photoshoots.

As we prepped for almost 24 hours before our holiday fete, we thought to ourselves is the dinner party becoming a dying art? How many people in NYC really cook so extravagantly and entertain their friends these days? I suppose I’m just too bougie and too much of an old soul for my age, but I personally enjoy sharing food with my friends. Mind you it can be expensive, but it was my Christmas present to les betches this year, a labor of love for those we love. It may be a dying art but in my opinion it ups one’s personal stock. Until the right man sweeps this cub and cougar off our feet, we will continue to shower our friends with good cooking in exchange for good company and nights well spent.

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