The Cub & The Cougar

Brian & Nancy

A gay post-grad and a vivacious uptown cougar. A perfect pair, no? We think so.

Living together since 2012, we started this blog to catalog stories of our life together, pass on life advice, and discuss living as Manhattanites in the city we love.  Read, laugh, question if we’re real people, take us for what you will. Our goal is have a soapbox to share our story and record the anecdotes of our unlikely perfect pairing.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. cindy says:

    Loved meeting you both last night at the show. Looking forward to following your blog!—-

    The girls from Wisconsin

    • The Cougar says:

      Girls (is it Pam, Karen and ? – please remind me!) I loved it when Pam (next to me, right) uttered a well placed “Oh, my…!) every now and then. Did you see that our male heterosexual friend almost got ejected for his cellphone – picture taking is a no-non. Fun evening and quite different from Pippin, I bet.
      Thanks for following Brian and I. More good stories to come.
      Hope you got back to Wisconsin safely. Next time in NYC, try burlesque in LES.

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